Group Ordering

Allow customers to order on their phones and help minimize labor costs and maximize the potential of efficient restaurant operations.

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Enjoyable customer experience
  • Whet your customers’ appetites with high-quality images and videos of your food
  • Let customers order food at any time without waiting for waiters to come by
  • Support simultaneous ordering by multiple guests
  • Get orders directly from customers without missing details
Optimize your operations
  • Increase table turnover rate and serve more customers in shorter increments of time
  • Update your menu at any time without extra costs
  • Adjust your inventory in real-time with one click to avoid order errors
  • Keep track of customers’ incoming orders and dining time with ease
  • POS Integration (Clover, Toast, Square, etc.)
Data-driven strategies
  • Get a 360-degree view profile of your guests, including their food preferences, order history, and customer behavior
  • Own your customer data, rather than releasing it to third-party applications
  • Learn about your customers’ preference with menu monitoring, including page visits, time on page
  • Develop your menu with daily/weekly/monthly data reports covering top-selling items.

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