Minitable Channels

The all-in-one system integrates with all aspects of Minitable and third-party reservation & food delivery apps.

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Manage all of your orders & reservations on one tablet
  • No chaos anymore. Say goodbye to the tablets overwhelming on your reception desks
  • Customized integration with your choice of third-party online ordering and reservation platforms
  • Connect with your customers from different channels with SMS marketing
  • Up to 20 choices of notifications. Notify your customers with one click
Accumulate your own digital assets of customer database
  • Own your guests’ data without being hijacked by third-party platforms
  • Merge guest profiles into a cohesive database across all properties
  • Generate insights for better business operations
Increase your profitability
  • Reach out to your customers from third-party platforms and convert them to your regular guests
  • Save up to 30% commission fee from third-party platforms
  • Segment your customers and utilize different strategies to grow your business
  • Create a loyalty program to make your guests satisfied and returned
Improve customer satisfaction
  • Organize your orders properly and effectively without missing one
  • Create win-win situations and save commission fee for both you and customers
  • Run a customer loyalty program to reward your valued customers

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